the team

Born in Sicily, Carmelo is a magician and a poet.
Trained by Yves Lebreton, Etienne Decroux and the theater Nuovo Proposte“, author and actor of many shows (“Paris-Palermo“, “ Magic Comedy“, “Let him live“, “The Animal Carnival“), Carmelo is the creator of special effects. Many of his inventions are presented in la Grosse Collection.
In 2011, he joined la Grosse Collection with Bertrand Crimet and the audience has a good time with him, especially at the Zebrastraat of Ghent (Belgium), the Fantastic Illusions Festival of Bourg-en-Bresse, the Echappées Belles de Blanquefort, at the Beans Fair of Arpajon (theater in the Val d’Orge).

Magician and illusionist, Bertrand Crimet studied in the International School of Mimodrame Marcel Marceau and learned magic with Pierre Edernac.
Winner of the Robert-Houdin trophy in 2009, he presents close-up magic shows and he performs on the great Parisian stages (“Paris-Palermo“, “The Wizards”, “Magic Comedy”, “Delicious Gaga”).
Specialized in ropes tricks, he presents several tricks which he invented in La Grosse Collection.
He has been hosting la Grosse Collection since 2011 and is enthusiastically received by the public, especially in Santiago de Compostela (City of Culture of Galicia), on the national stages of  le Merlan in Marseille and l’Estive in Foix, in the festival Out There of Great Yarmouth (England).

ERIC BURBAIL  AAAEric                                     Actor and director, Eric Burbail belonged to the company Douze Balles dans la Peau” (12 Bullets in the Body), leading actor of many shows. He is the assistant of Jean-Georges Tartare. In 2007, he wrote la Grosse Collection and asked the company Más y Más to perform the show.

A professional in audiovisual productions, Pascal Couleau participates in numerous projects (documentaries, fiction, institutional films) in France and abroad. While pursuing this activity, he joined la Grosse Collection in 2009 and became one of the assistants in charge of the audience and the smooth running of the show.

Photographer, communication manager for les Thérèses, Frantz Marie Claire joined la Grosse Collection in 2012 and he performs as a brilliant assistant.

AAASarahSARAH BARREDA                    Distribution manager for various contemporary circus companies, Sarah Barreda is passionate about innovative artistic proposals and their visual writing. She joined la Grosse Collection’s team with enthusiasm in 2013 to promote our original proposal that cleverly plays with the perceptions of the audience.

LES THERESESAAAlesThérèses                            Producers of many shows, les Thérèses have been supporting street theater companies and circus companies for 20 years, and la Grosse Collection since its creation in 2007.


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