the show

La Grosse Collection is a collection of 576 magic tricks hidden in magic boxes, which are concealed in large libraries.
On each box, a label indicates the name of the trick, the name of the magician who invented it and the year of creation.
Welcomed and guided by an assistant, the viewer is invited to choose his/her box.

Card tricks, ropes, objects, coins, mentalism
The physicist’s cups (Antiquity), the egg bag of Jean Prévost (1584), the book that fell from the Moon (1750), the fakir’s ropes (1870), the radio game of Jean Posin (1899) the Hindu tube of Sorcar (1950), the lie detector of Kaplan (1958), the evil cards of Edernac (1971), the chainsaw massacre of Toru Suzuki (1976), the cut finger of Tannen Magic Circus (1978), the scarf and card of Juan Tamariz (1980), the impossible prediction of James Hodges (2005),
You will be spoilt for choice in this world of a thousand secrets and mysteries !

Once the choice is made, the visitor encounters the magician, historian and artist of the illusion, who performs the magic trick, in front of the viewer.

This show is ideally suited to unusual or unexpected places. La Grosse Collection offers the privilege of a journey into the worldwide historical heritage of magic. This show is a perfect counterpoint in your program – outdoors or indoors.

La Grosse Collection offers a friendly and poetic moment to each spectator, who has the opportunity to choose his/her own show. Every spectator can touch the ephemeral art of illusion.
Among the 576 proposed tricks, viewers will choose between 80 and 100 tricks. 300 people can participate in one of the moments of the 3 hour long show. People can come and go as they please.

Since its creation in 2007, la Grosse Collection was presented throughout France and Europe.
Hosted by Bertrand Crimet and Carmelo, la Grosse Collection, written by Eric Burbail, is presented by the company Más y Más, from Toulouse, France.
La Grosse Collection benefits from the partnership of  “le Musée de la Magie” (the Magic Museum, 11, rue Saint-Paul in Paris).                                                       


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