technical inf

Our material

La Grosse Collection Set
– 4 libraries, each containing 145 boxes
one library: L = 3 m, 2.15 m depth H = 0.7 m.
metal supports are added in case of wind (+0.5 m)
– a small stage (1 x 2 m each, 2 x 2 m, approx. 20 cm high, provided by the organizer)       – – – on stage, are placed a counter and three stools (which we provide).

Performance duration
3 hours (with breaks)
The show can start at anytime between 3 p.m. and midnight.  If you would prefer another time, please call us.

Show site
Any unusual place: halls of public buildings, cellars, caves, museums, theaters, cafes, barns, granaries, churches, shops, patios, enclosed gardens, porches, courtyards, … preferably sheltered from wind and direct sun (when performing), easy access for loading and unloading the van (14m3).

Please do send us two photos of the place by mail to:
We would like to meet with the main technician the evening before the show to choose the exact place to set up.

We are unable to perform outside in case of rain or strong winds
Please do prepare a fallback option to hand before we begin setting up.

to be provided by the organizer
– A space of 12 by 7 meters (or more), minimum height of 2.5 meters
– A lodge for 3 people, close to the place of representation, with a mirror
– 1 electrical connexion 220 V 16 A
– Small stage (1 x 2 m each, 2 x 2 m, 20 cm high)
– Access for a 14 m3 vehicle, for loading / unloading (L: 7.30 m, 2.30 m, H: 2.65 m)
– A parking space for the vehicle and a map (a vehicle pass, if necessary)
– 5 tables and 20 wooden chairs (no plastic furniture)
– if acting outdoors, 10 weights of 15 kg each are needed to hold set in place (weights, sandbags, concrete blocks).

Assembly and disassembly
4 people are provided by the organizer.
Set up requires 2 hours and must be completed 2 hours before the performance begins.
After the show, one hour and a half to take everything down.

The set should be monitored in the absence of the team of la Grosse Collection (meals, breaks, …)

Lodging / Dining
Meals and accommodation in single rooms for 3 people
Arriving the day before the show, departure the day after the show.


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